Wego Project Services BV is a young and  dynamic mechanical contractor specialised in a wide range of activities in Turnarounds , regular maintenance en new constructions/installations  in the petrochemical and heavy industry.


The wide and long term experience of management  in combination with motivated , good skilled flexibel employees with a high safety-awareness makes Wego Project Services a strong and

reliable partner for our clients to make projects succesfull.


Activities are subcatogorised in activities , each with its own specific disciplines :


*Internals work in towers , vessels and reactors

     -  Spading / Despading equipment

     -  Opening / Closing equipment (internal/external)

     -  Inspections equipment

     -  Installation / Dismantling internals in complete range

     -  Revamping equipment

     -  Replacement services (internals and hardware)

     -  Supervision-services on projects and during TA's

     -  Technical assistance and vendor-representive


*Mechanical activities

     - Spading / Despading as per spading-programms

     - Inspections on process-equipment and reliability reporting

     - Prefab , installation and weldingworks in general

     - Dismantling constructions and equipment


*Temporary facilities / utilities during TA's

     - Installation / dismantling electrical power/ligthing and

        work-air  distribution-nets (plug-in and on demand)

     - Warehousing and toolstore facilities

     - Renting equipment and tools


We are looking back and are proud on our

safety-statistics since our existance (2001) , the flexibility of our well-motivated employees , the quality of our services and the good references of our clients and the great level of cooperation with our suppliers.


We hope that you will be one of our clients soon !!

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Contact :

+ 31-(0)43-3652014


Bezoekadres :

Wilhelminalaan 31

6301 DD Valkenburg (L) NL


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Postbus 7

6300 AA Valkenburg (L) NL


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